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WARNING-Graphic Video of What Happens When Someone Wants to Leave Islam   Leave a comment

Before you open this link, I will warn you that the video is very graphic and contains the beheading of a Christian convert from Islam.

In the previous post I spoke about my mistrust of Islam. Since this blog series is in the style of a journal from my experiences, this particular post is out of sequence. I felt I had to publish anyway. Because the fact of this very gruesome video tells the world why I do not trust those who say Islam is a religion of peace. I have met peaceful Muslims, but Islam is not a religion of peace. And trusting those who tell my government, my president that they are peaceful just may be the end of America and the American way of life.


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I was so proud …   1 comment

I was so proud of my President. Instead of anger and fear, he appeared calm and collected. He spoke about courage, not resorting to fear and hatred. He assured America that those who had attacked us were in the radical minority of Islam and we should not turn on our Islamic neighbors. I am a compassionate person. I was proud that America was not going down the road to revenge and hatred.

Until I began talking to Muslims online.

I mentioned I got my first computer after 9/11 in an attempt to become more knowledgable about the world, which for me and millions of others, had been turned upside down. Not being savvy about things online, I searched out ‘chat rooms’ to talk to people around the world. I wanted to know what others outside America felt about the attack.

I began a blog on Yahoo 360 as well. It was on Yahoo 360 that I met a man from Iran who responded very negatively to  a blog I wrote on the first anniversary of 9/11. I had written about the many different races and religions who had been among the vicitms. His reply was that Allah willed our downfall. And he personally prayed for America’s demise. Even if it meant innocent Muslims would die.

In a chat room for Orthodox Jews, where I was seeking guidance in interpreting some Old Testament scripture; a Turkish Muslim posing as a Jew engaged me in talking about the history of the Ottoman Empire. Still thinking he was a Rabbi, and loving history I was enjoying the talk until out of nowhere he started cursing me and speaking the most vile descriptions of what he would do to me, an infidel. When he mentioned what he’d do to my daughter and granddaughters (I’d not mentioned them at all) I logged off and went to the bathroom to throw up. I never used a chat room again. I felt raped.

I must tell you too, I have met some very kind and very caring Muslims online. One lady is Awi, who is a convert to Islam from the Philippines. She lives in Egypt and since the Revolution I have not heard from her or my other friend Hosni who is also in Egypt. I find it worth noting, that I found true friends of those in Egypt, one of the more ‘westernized’ Muslim nations in the mid east.  Most Islamic countries do not allow the internet, especially for women. Hosni is an artist, Awi hopes to visit her family in the Philippines, that was the last I heard from her.

Why am I telling you all this?

America needs to wake up to the danger of what Islam really stands for. What their beliefs are, what they are praying for. If we don’t. We will wake up one day under sharia law and it will be to late. Am i still proud my country does not hate? I am proud of that, yes, but I am also ashamed that we will allow prayer in schools for Islamic children, but not for Christian or Jewish children. I am ashamed we have let those who want our destruction into our most sensitive agencies like Homeland Security, and our armed forces. Am I a bigot? No, I am a realist.

More in my next blog on why I do not trust Islam.

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We will rid the world of evildoers.” — Bush, Sept. 17.   1 comment

I began my journey as a politically aware person on September 11, 2001. Up until then I was happy listening to the nightly news once or twice a week and didn’t know if I was a conservative or a liberal. It didn’t occur to me that it might be important.  I did not care for politics and only paid attention a week or so before any election, and maybe if I wasn’t busy, I’d vote.

I was asleep that morning. I was working evenings and didn’t get to bed until late so ‘sleeping in’ was my habit. I didn’t have a cell phone so when the phone started ringing, I had to get up to go to the kitchen to answer the phone. I seriously thought about ignoring it, but my curiosity over came my wish to remain in bed and I answered the phone.

The deep voice on the other end was my nephew, he paused and did not say more than ‘Hello Aunt Debi’ at first. I said ;what’s up’ a little bit gruff because he knew I slept in and for those few moments I was not happy he’d called. What he said next was  perhaps one of the most life changing few words I’d ever heard; ‘Aunt Debi, we’ve been attacked’. silence. I shook my head, not fully comprehending the words. I replied, ‘by who?’ When he said ‘It was terrorists, they’ve blown up the World Trade Center, both buildings have come down’. I was silent. I did not speak. He asked ‘are you there?’ ‘Yeah, I’m here. The buildings have come down?’ I asked. ‘Both of them’, he said.

What followed was a day of crying and shouting. Shouting because after the initial fear, all I wanted to do was warn my children, make sure they and my grandchildren were safe. No one seemed as upset as I was. We live in the middle of the country and the newscasters were assuring the rest of the world outside of NY that things seemed to be OK. Except for my nephew, everyone seemed to think it was confined to NY and we were safe. My oldest son worked for a company at that time, that built vehicles for the military. In our small town of 10,000 there were no dangers he told me. But no sooner than the words were out of his mouth, the phone rang and when he hung it up, he looked at me and said; ‘My supervisor says not to come in. There’s been a bomb threat at the main building.’

The weeks and months following, I was glued to the TV if I was not at work. I listened to the President. I listened to the opinions of the leadership of our country. No Internet back then. 9/11 is also the reason I became computer savvy, at least enough to reach out to the rest of the country and assure myself we were safe. What I found instead of assurance, were hundreds of reasons to fear even more.  

What happened inside me was comparable to an awakening. The world had suddenly (for me) become a sort of twilight zone where things did not make sense. I desperately needed them to make sense again. As I read about and viewed this new world, I realized that I could never go back to being apathetic and unconcerned again. With the passage of the Patriot Act, I wondered if my country would ever resemble the country of my childhood and if we were doomed to become what George Orwell had written about in his dystopian novel-1984

This blog will confront the issues of the twilight zone we call America post 9/11. The Post 9/11 America, where nothing makes sense any more. I hope you will become a regular reader and let me know how you feel about the issues I write about that are confronting us in this Brave New World.



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Introductions   Leave a comment

Debra K. Carey here hoping to catch the interest of those of you who are sick and tired of what is being done to America. My intent is to disturb your apathy, perhaps even tick you off a bit. I want you MAD at Washington D.C. and the Obama administration for their ignorance of our Constitution and Bill of Rights, their crooked deals with special interests, over regulation, and out right socialist tendencies.

You will find me somewhat sarcastic at times. No need to take it personal, it is merely my way of staying sane when the world has gone completely insane.

Watch for my first blog soon.

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