We will rid the world of evildoers.” — Bush, Sept. 17.   1 comment

I began my journey as a politically aware person on September 11, 2001. Up until then I was happy listening to the nightly news once or twice a week and didn’t know if I was a conservative or a liberal. It didn’t occur to me that it might be important.  I did not care for politics and only paid attention a week or so before any election, and maybe if I wasn’t busy, I’d vote.

I was asleep that morning. I was working evenings and didn’t get to bed until late so ‘sleeping in’ was my habit. I didn’t have a cell phone so when the phone started ringing, I had to get up to go to the kitchen to answer the phone. I seriously thought about ignoring it, but my curiosity over came my wish to remain in bed and I answered the phone.

The deep voice on the other end was my nephew, he paused and did not say more than ‘Hello Aunt Debi’ at first. I said ;what’s up’ a little bit gruff because he knew I slept in and for those few moments I was not happy he’d called. What he said next was  perhaps one of the most life changing few words I’d ever heard; ‘Aunt Debi, we’ve been attacked’. silence. I shook my head, not fully comprehending the words. I replied, ‘by who?’ When he said ‘It was terrorists, they’ve blown up the World Trade Center, both buildings have come down’. I was silent. I did not speak. He asked ‘are you there?’ ‘Yeah, I’m here. The buildings have come down?’ I asked. ‘Both of them’, he said.

What followed was a day of crying and shouting. Shouting because after the initial fear, all I wanted to do was warn my children, make sure they and my grandchildren were safe. No one seemed as upset as I was. We live in the middle of the country and the newscasters were assuring the rest of the world outside of NY that things seemed to be OK. Except for my nephew, everyone seemed to think it was confined to NY and we were safe. My oldest son worked for a company at that time, that built vehicles for the military. In our small town of 10,000 there were no dangers he told me. But no sooner than the words were out of his mouth, the phone rang and when he hung it up, he looked at me and said; ‘My supervisor says not to come in. There’s been a bomb threat at the main building.’

The weeks and months following, I was glued to the TV if I was not at work. I listened to the President. I listened to the opinions of the leadership of our country. No Internet back then. 9/11 is also the reason I became computer savvy, at least enough to reach out to the rest of the country and assure myself we were safe. What I found instead of assurance, were hundreds of reasons to fear even more.  

What happened inside me was comparable to an awakening. The world had suddenly (for me) become a sort of twilight zone where things did not make sense. I desperately needed them to make sense again. As I read about and viewed this new world, I realized that I could never go back to being apathetic and unconcerned again. With the passage of the Patriot Act, I wondered if my country would ever resemble the country of my childhood and if we were doomed to become what George Orwell had written about in his dystopian novel-1984

This blog will confront the issues of the twilight zone we call America post 9/11. The Post 9/11 America, where nothing makes sense any more. I hope you will become a regular reader and let me know how you feel about the issues I write about that are confronting us in this Brave New World.




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One response to “We will rid the world of evildoers.” — Bush, Sept. 17.

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  1. You are not alone in 9/11 being an eye opener. I too became more concerned with what is going on with our government at that time. I have become even more concerned starting in 2008 for obvious reasons.

    Your insight seems to be of extreme quality and I look forward to following this blog.

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